Brownie’s Story

Brownie with a tourist outside the Daytona Cab Company. The building is now a Pizza place.

While looking for a house on Daytona Beach’s Beachside, Alvin and Eddie kept noticing the walking traffic down Beach Street and decided to explore.

While walking through the park and noticing all the people walking dogs as well as the many shops and restaurants, Eddie immediately told Alvin that this would be a fantastic location for a dog boutique.

A few weeks later, Alvin and Eddie stopped into Sisters, a hip, Beach Street home store specializing in furniture made from reclaimed materials. They struck up a conversation with the owners and mentioned the idea of opening a dog boutique. Fred, one of the owners, suggested that we look at the old shoe boutique two shops down the street. Unfortunately, the shoe boutique was closed that day.

Weeks went by and an article appeared in the Daytona Journal, detailing the history of Brownie, the town dog of Daytona Beach. Eddie read the article and decided to visit Brownie’s grave in the park right across from the shoe boutique. As Eddie passed the shoe boutique, a “for rent” sign was being hung in the window. Eddie called the owner, toured the shoe boutique and walked over to Brownie’s grave.

Then he called Alvin and Brownie’s Dog Boutique was born.

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The original Brownie showed up on Beach Street as a stray in 1940?



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There are so many dogs in need of a permanent home but older dogs are often most overlooked for adoption. We’ve partnered with Susie’s Senior Dogs to find reputable senior shelters and a portion of all sales are donated to these organizations.  With more funding, these shelters are able to care and provide for their senior dogs until they’re adopted.

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